Meet our staff members


Roisin Kerin - Teacher

“The uniqueness of each child is what keeps me motivated to come to work, no two days are the same.”


Lianne Kelly - Teacher

“I love to teach because there is excitement and joy in watching children undertake their learning journey and seeing them put in place the knowledge and skills I have helped them gain along the way.”


Serena D’Amanzo – Office Manager

“Working and spending my days among children here at Kiddy constantly leaves a window open on the future and stimulates my desire to continue planning in my life.”


Cassandra Desmond – Teaching Assistant

“Working with children is a rewarding partnership in which not only can I help the children to achieve their potential, but they also inspire me to realise mine”


Penelope Dixon Giaouris - Teacher

“Being able to witness many 'first’ and ‘wow’ moments is priceless. We are responsible for our student’s happiness, independence, curiosity, and way of thinking.”


Mandy Van Poppel - Teacher

"When children are in our care, so many lifelong skills are being built, and I feel so grateful to be a part of their development and learning. Seeing them grow and flourish is a wonderful and enriching experience."


Giorgia Cattoretti - Teacher

“Personally, teaching is fostering children creativity, their own expression, uniqueness, and curiosity. The beauty of teaching is to celebrate success together, and support children along the way, in their personal journey. Our role is to enhance their curiosity about life and experiences for a long-life learning!”


Work With Us

We are always happy to receive CVs from qualified teachers throughout the school year

If you feel you have the qualities to join our exceptional team of educationalists, please complete our form, attaching your CV with a photograph and a covering letter.