Our school offers a holistic education which is inclusive of a comprehensive curriculum of academic and creative activities designed to fully support young learners.


Following the Montessori and Reggio Emilia approach to early years education, our specialist EY teachers understand that children learn most effectively through a playful, exploratory approach. By engaging in the learning space, our young learners discover the social, emotional, and physical skills that will lay the academic foundation they require to adequately prepare them for elementary education and later schooling.

Every member of staff at Kiddy is responsible for the wellbeing and learning of every student. Upon enrollment, our specially-trained EY teachers design an individualised learning plan to actively understand and respond to the needs of our learners, while acknowledging their unique personalities to reinforce their potential.

preschool head

Our values of kindness, responsibility, curiosity, and community are universal, and we welcome everyone who shares and demonstrates them. Our value system forms the heart of our school ethos and they have been chosen to support our youngest students in their journey to becoming open-minded, ambitious, and caring international citizens.

Providing full immersion in the English language across the school offers students a unique opportunity to learn the language effectively as they build the foundations of verbal proficiency in an authentic and relational manner. Teachers work with students in small groups and are attentive to their developing skills in order to effectively support them in the first stages of language acquisition.

We collaborate closely as a team to share best practice in early years education and discuss learning goals for each child. As a diverse school, Kiddy English demonstrates our values in actively celebrating the many backgrounds and cultures that enrich our community to broaden our points of view and ensure our students feel valued to flourish both at school and in the wider world.

We warmly invite you to come and visit us for an exciting learning journey in our beautiful school!

Mimosa Cardin

Head of School – Kiddy English